History Of Crazy Calls

Mitch & Ira Yuspeh are the creator's of "Crazy Calls" (the most recognized answering machine tapes in the world). Our current catalog consists of over 200 musical and comedy greetings.

In June, 2004, we revamped our company "Crazy Calls" with the purpose of creating and marketing a catalog of prerecorded voice & musical mail messages for cell phone users. The genesis of this idea dates back to the late 1980's/early 1990's, when we, created, designed and marketed a product named "Crazy Calls" (also known as "Funny Phones", and "Musical Madness" for Radio Shack). We are music veterans (3 EMMYs & 1 Grammy) , and the founders of M&I Studios (www.mirecordingstudios.com), one of New York's most prestigious recording facilities. Crazy Calls took advantage of then popular tape cassette answering machines. Tapes were marketed mainly by PI television commercials. The product was quite successful, and profitable, selling over 1,000,000 units. These sales occurred mainly over a 2 year period. With the advent of digital phones and answering machines and the explosion of cell phones in the '90's, Crazy Calls basically went dormant, although interest remained in unique answering messages. In fact, Crazy Call's Beethoven's 5th message became part of the vernacular and has been referenced frequently over the years. More recently, Jay Leno wondered on his show with a guest "Whatever happened to those messages?" We have now brought the concept of "Crazy Calls" back for the cell phone and digital age. Our first venture was the "Message Magician" website which allowed purchasers to preview and buy messages right to their phonemail. Now we have become one of the largest message content providers in the world, supplying messages to major phone companies as they roll out these new digital systems. Our messages are now available on the  YouMail Greeting Channel - Crazy Calls Classics website